Varför jag blev en IML del 2

Robert Szumiec

I personally fell in love with the mountains as a teenager and decided to join my life with them. And because you have to earn a living, the natural consequence was finding a profession that is associated. The choice fell on teaching climbing and mountain leading. The tourist market and the improving financial situation of our clients meant that we had to expand our interests to other countries and even continents. Trekkings are a hit in our country and on organizing and running you can earn good money. In addition, surrounded by wonderful nature, meeting other cultures and people. Previously we worked more for the idea, today it’s also good money. Of course, the pandemic has slowed down our activities, but we do not lose faith that we will soon set out on the trails again.

Stay healthy there

Robert Szumiec
Polish Mountaineering Activity Office (under construction)

Svenska Fjälledarorganisationen

SFLO är den enda organisationen för utbildade Fjälledare i Sverige. Vi arbetar aktivt med frågor som rör Fjälledare och fjällsäkerhet. Ett av våra främsta mål är att våra medlemmar ska väljas i första hand av ideella och kommersiella aktörer för aktiviteter till fjälls.